Vulkan street market – Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions 2016

The minimum opening hours for stands are from 13:00-18:00. Opening hours can be extended until 22:00 by prior arrangement.

Cancellations should take place no later than seven days before the agreed rental period. Cancellations after this deadline will be charged 50 % of the total price.

All equipment must be removed by the tenant at the end of each day unless otherwise agreed with the landlord.

All necessary equipment must be arranged, and paid for, by the tenant.

The tenant must obtain permits from municipal or state authorities when this is required for sale or food services. The landlord accepts no responsibility if such permits cannot be presented upon inspection.

The tenant agrees to keep the sales area and it’s surroundings neat and presentable. All waste must be sorted and disposed of in the designated waste room.

Damage to the tent, the sales area and it’s vicinity, that is caused by the tenant, must be covered entirely by the tenant themselves.

The sales area is accessible by vehicle for loading and unloading equipment until 13:00 on Fridays, and until 12:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. The vehicle must be removed from the premises immediately after loading and unloading.

The rented area may not be used for any purpose other than that which has been agreed, and further subletting is not allowed.

It is not permitted to sell alcoholic beverages.

Tenants are generally encouraged to be considerate of other tenants and the public, and to ensure that the stand is clean and tidy at all times.

All staff servicing the stand should be informed about these guidelines. If violated, the landlord reserves the right to expel the tenant without reimbursement.

One or both parties may disregard this contract in the case of events beyond their control, that prevent it’s execution (including, but not exhaustive of, flood, war, rebellion, natural disasters, strikes, fire, lockout).

Bilde av kart

Rates for Vulkan street market 2016

[table delimiter=”|” width=”100%” colalign=”left|right|right|right”]

Period|2×2 m|2×4 m|2×6 m
1 day|500,-|1 000,-|1 500,-
Sat-Sun|850,-|1 700,-|2 550,-
Fri-Sun|1 200,-|2 400,-|3 600,-



All prices are excl. VAT.

The rental price includes tents and electricity.

The tent must be set up and taken down daily by the tenant. The tent comes in a bag and must be repacked for safe storage overnight.

Vulkan can also supply water and non-standard electrical solutions, this must be agreed on separately.


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