Chef Margarita

Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016 visits Mathallen Oslo

Welcome to Philippine Flavours: A Culinary Tour with Margarita Forés, Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016.
Mathallen Oslo, August 24th-25th. 

In cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Philippines in Oslo, Norway, the Cultural Diplomacy Unit of the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs is embarking on its second year of Philippine Flavours: A Culinary Tour. The tour aims to contribute to the myriad of efforts to introduce Filipino food traditions in the international marked and to mainstream Philippine flavours in world cities of diverse gastronomic landscapes*.

Chef Margarita Forés was voted in 2016 as Asia’s Best Female Chef by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. The Phillipine Flavours tour will showcase Chef Margarita’s talent and passion for Philippine cuisine through dinners, cooking demonstrations and tastings. She will be assisted by her team of four chefs: Angelo Comsti, Jorge Mendez, Juvy Lorca and Maicey Sacramento.

Program @ Mathallen Oslo: 

Friday August 24th: 

Dinner with Chef Margarita Forés at Torget, 19.00.  This is an invite-only dinner, but Chef Margarita and her team will also do a cooking demonstration while preparing the dinner.

Saturday August 25th: 

Cooking demonstration and tasting at Torget: 12.30 and 14.30. Chef Margarita will hand out free samples for tasting.

Demonstration and tasting menu: 

Vinegar Braised
Adobo is cooked, pickled meat, and considered by many a Philippine national dish. Its etymology is the French adouber, which originally meant  “to dress a knight in armor” and then proceeded to mean: to arrange, to construct, to tan leather, and to dress foods. Spaniards introduced adobar with its marinade, but using island vinegar in the Philippines rather than grape wine as in the home country. Vinegar not only flavors, but tenderizes. By packing adobo (which, in Spanish, means “pickle sauce”) in lard, the viand keeps for several days unrefrigerated.

Vinegar-cured mackerel
Many cultures have versions of fish cured/cooked in vinegar, for example the Spanish ceviche and the Scandinavian gravlax. The first written mention of kinilaw in our culinary history was the account of Pigafetta, chronider of Magellan’s voyage.


*Chef Margarita Forés and her team will be in four major cities in Scandinavia, where there is considerable interest in international cuisine and many culinary academies, namely Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm.

The Philippine Flavours Tour 2018 is also supported by the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry through the Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Stockholm, Sweden. Through the presentation of well-loved Philippine dishes, the tour also intends to promote Philippine food products that are already available in the Scandinavian markets and, or, could be made available in these countries.