Stand rental at Torget - terms and conditions

The rented area may not be used for any other purpose or by individuals other than those stated in the agreement. Subletting of the area is not allowed.

The tenant may not, without prior agreement, produce or heat food that requires ventilation. The tenant that wishes to serve food carries all responsibility for securing the necessary permits from municipal or state authorities. The landlord reserves the right to to close the stall should these requirements not be met.

The tenant may equip and decorate the designated area according to their needs. Walls and roll-ups must be limited to a height of 140cm.

Lighting or music may not be used without prior agreement.

The stall's opening hours may not, without prior agreement, exceed Mathallen's core opening hours.

The rental price is based on the floor space made available to the tenant. The landlord provides no guarantees related to customer and revenue levels, sound and lighting conditions or other events that may take place simultaneously.

Vulkan Booking AS is licenced to sell alcohol at Torget. Alcohol may only be sold through Torget Bar, and by prior agreement.

The tenant is required to follow Norwegian law regarding their activities. This includes all guidelines and regulations issued by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, as well legislation concerning accounting, VAT and the like.

Arrival and departure times are by appointment. The tenant agrees to remove all their belongings after the event. Should the tenant fail to do so, the landlord reserves the right to have these removed at the expense of the tenant.

The rental contract does not involve marketing rights in or outside Mathallen. The tenant may use Mathallen's trademarks as part of their promotion. The landlord is entitled, but not obliged, to promote the event through their own marketing channels.

The area must be cleared immediately after use, and furniture returned to where it were before takeover. Any spillage or dirt beyond that which would come of normal use must be cleaned up. Failure to do this will result in an additional cleaning fee.

The tenant is solely responsible for all necessary insurance of their own inventory, items and activities. In addition, the tenant is responsible for all connections made to electricity, water and drains, and any damage to such equipment which might be caused by the tenant.

It should be noted in particular that Torget is an open area and can not be locked. Tenants must therefore take necessary precautions.

Tenants are generally encouraged to be considerate of other tenants and the general public, and to ensure that the stand is clean and tidy at all times.

One or both parties may disregard this contract in the case of events beyond their control, that prevent it's execution (including, but not exhaustive of, flood, war, rebellion, natural disasters, strikes, fire, lockout).