Bilde av bursdagsfrokost i Mathallen

By:Larm breakfast in Mathallen

Mathallen Oslo invites you to a festive breakfast during By:Larm

On Saturday March 5th, Hitchhiker and Kulinarisk Akademi will join forces to whip up a delicious breakfast buffet in Mathallen, perfected by coffee from Solberg&Hansen. Complimenting the tasty food and pitch black coffee will be live music from a jazz trio.


Breakfast pancakes with blueberries and bacon

Eggs 63 with caramelized onions and crispy bread

Hot cheese sandwiches

Hot oatmeal porridge with parsley

Smoked salmon on rye bread and cream cheese

“Ceasar” little gem lettuce

Yoghurt with musli and berries

Cheeky smoothies

Breakfast lasts from 9:00 a.m. until 10.30 a.m. and costs kr. 100 per person. We recommend you arrive by 09.30 a.m.

Our breakfasts are usually packed, and as there’s no reason to expect otherwise during By:Larm, so we also recommend you get your ticket in advance.

Hitchhiker is all about street food, a friendly atmosphere, and eating with friends. Our sharing plates are made according to the size of your group, there are side dishes and sometimes even surprises! Order our menu of the day for the full Hitchhiker experience, based on what’s in season and our chefs inclination.

Kulinarisk Akademi is a resource center for food and drink. We employ some of Norway’s finest chefs and sommeliers, all with a passionate relationship to flavour. Our department at Mathallen was built with cookery courses and group activities in mind. We have three kitchens of differing sizes and a flexible floor plan to suit most small or middle sized Groups.

Solberg&Hansen is a resource centre for coffee and tea, a fusion of concept store, gourmet coffee shop and showroom where a deep understanding of raw materials is key. We offer a broad array of courses including simple brewing techniques that can easily be repeated at home. As our focus is on the specific flavours of coffee and tea, we don’t offer milk or sugar!