Bilde av to venner som drikker vin

Mathallen’s wine club

Do you have a passion for food and wine? Get ready for a series of friendly, exciting and informative evenings with Mathallen’s wine Club!

Mathallen’s wine club is for those who take interest and pleasure in wine, especially when paired with food. We arrange inspiring member’s nights up to three times a month, offering activities such as lectures, wine tasting, courses and wine talk. Topics include tasting techniques, grape varieties and terroir, production methods and food and wine according to season.

Who can join the Mathallen’s wine club?
Mathallen’s wine club is open to anyone who enjoys wine and is looking for an informal meeting place to taste and learn about wine in the company of others. No previous knowledge is required and there’s no obligation to attend sessions. The minimum age limit is 18.

Information about the wine club:
Meetings: 1-3 per month
Location: Mathallen Oslo
Membership cost: Free
Price per session: 200-800kr per person, depending on the topic
How to join: Send your name and email to


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