Bilde Smelteverket

The Tasting Tour of Mathallen

Smelteverket, Hopyard, Champagneria, Ma Poule and Torget presents

The Tasting Tour

Each place will serve a tasty snack-sized appetizer*, and you can move from one place to the next – tasting your way through Mathallen.

Show your ticket in the bar at Torget to get The Tasting Tour map and meal vouchers.

You can start the tour at any time you like, but the meal vouchers must be used before 21:00. You decide if you want to race through the tour in 15 minutes (for the very hungry) or if you want to spend the full four hours taking your time and easing into the atmosphere at each place.

Bring your friends and get ready for a tasty snack attack!

*Drinks are not included. Tickets are limited.