Vulkan parking garage

When visiting us by car, you can use one of the 450 spaces in our parking garage (Vulkan P-hus). We offer charging stations for Teslas and other electric vehicles.

The entrance to the garage is from Maridalsveien, next to Westerdals.

Electric vehicles
Vulkan parking garage has 100 new and modern charging points and two quick charging stations.

Charging of electric vehicles is free beween 17:00 and 09:00 every weekday and 17:00 to 11:00 Saturday and Sunday. This offer applies to the 100 charging spaces available. Note that it may be full.

Bicycle parking
Finding somewhere to park your bike is easy at Vulkan. The area offers 650 spaces for bicycles, including two dedicated zones within the parking garage (P1 and P3). There are also stands outside Mathallen.

The parking garage is open 24/7.


Need more info? Visit Onepark


Do you need to rent a car? In our parking garage, you’ll find several vehicles that are available for short-term hire. Visit hertzbilpool or download the Hertz app for more information.

  • Hertz Bilpool

    car rental at P2

  • Din Bybil

    hotspot at P3

  • Bilkollektivet

    cars at P2