Stack of waffles on an old rustic wood table

Waffle celebrations in Mathallen


Saturday March 25th is the official day of the waffle, and Mathallen invites all of Oslo to an amazing waffle day and evening. Torget in Mathallen will, for one day only, be transformed into a Waffle station, and all of the proceeds will go to Vaffelgutta og Stiftelsen Petter Uteligger, that work to better the living conditions of the homeless in Oslo.

On the menu you will find everything from traditional waffles with jam, to more creative variations with untraditional toppings. What about a waffle with kimchi or a chocolate waffle with ice cream?

Grandmas waffles in every variety
From 10.00 on Saturday you can come and enjoy waffles of any variety in Mathallen. There will be two waffle stations at Torget where you can buy traditional waffles made by vaffelgutta, or make your own waffle with the choice of three delicious batters from Kulinarisk Akademi. All the proceeds will go to the work Vaffelgutta og Stiftelsen Petter Uteligger is currently doing for the homeless in Oslo.

«The official Waffle day is for everyone. We are celebrating a norwegian traditional food that is very close to the norwegian heart, and at the same time we want to support two organizations that are doing some very important work for the homeless in Oslo.  We hope that everyone that is in the area on Saturday will stop by to enjoy a tasty waffle and donate a few kroners to Vaffelgutta and Stiftelsen Petter Uteligger»
Frode Rønne Malmo, CEO, Mathallen.

Several of Mathallens eateries will also set the waffles on the menu this Saturday, and politician Khamshajiny Gunaratman, as well as the norwegian master of cooking, Øyvind Bøe Dalelv, will both try to serve up some waffles. Top of the day with waffles and prosecco at Torget.

Want to reserve a table for waffles and prosecco from 16.00? Reserve here

Welcome to Waffle Day in Mathallen,Saturday 25. of March from 10.00.