Mardi Gras: The Mathallen Experience

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Mardi Gras: The Mathallen Experience
feb 28

Mardi Gras: The Mathallen Experience

It’s Mardi Gras!
And we make it the ultimate Mathallen Experience:Once again, like every year, Smelteverket overflows in bead necklaces and exotic masks, dances to brass band – new orleans jazz music and tempts you with very special exclusive cajun food!
This time, we will also put up a unique show for you from the most successful burlesque company in Norway by Fifi von Tassel.But that’s not all: we come together with our family in Mathallen Oslo and the festivities start at torget at 19:00 where you will get your appetizer and your first drink.
Afterwards we guide you to our beloved gastropub for the main buffet and best seats for the show!

MENU (with ticket purchace only, no drop-ins)
349nok per person

Appetizer (at Torget)
Oysters Rockefeller oysters baked with bechemel, spinach and bacon.
contains: Milk, Onion, Shelfish, Gluten, Wheat flour

Main (at smelteverket)
Seafood Gumbo
contains: Milk, Onion, Garlic, Shelfish, Gluten, Wheat flour

Dessert: Bourbon banana parfait. Vanilla cake with bourbon syrup layered with bananas sauteed in butter, brown sugar and kalhua.
Topped with whipped cream.
Contains: Milk, Egg, Gluten, Pecan Nuts

BURLESQUE SHOW (free entrance // smelteverke)
Fifi von Tassel presents: Mardi gras extragavanza!

Fifi von Tassel presents the most successful burlesque company in Norway right now with body positivist, show producer and international award winning burlesque artist Fifi von Tassel in the leading role.
After a very successful 2016, with international artists flying in to perform at “Fifi von Tassel presents”, she is ready to start off the year with some glitz and glamour at Smelteverket!

This time they will pay a tribute to Mardi Gras with some of Norway’s most exciting burlesque dancers right now.
We promise you: you will be covered in glitter when they are done with you. And you will want more.

Together with Lumina Lynx, Novelty Starr and Miss Vivacious, Fifi von Tassel will give you a night to remember!

Join us for a Mardi Gras meal followed by a spectacular burlesque show, or come just for the show!

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Reservations recommended.
The show involves nudity as part of some acts.
Age restricitions apply: 23 years old and over after 21:00.