Tasting Tour: Birthday Edition

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Tasting Tour: Birthday Edition
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Tasting Tour: Birthday Edition

Munnfull, Bistro Budapest, Via Italia og PARADIS Gelateria presenterer: The Tasting Tour – Birthday Edition!

Hvert sted vil servere en smakfull smårett, og du kan bevege deg fra sted til sted for å smake deg gjennom hallen.
Munnfull: Gresskarsuppe laget på gresskar dyrket av lokale bønder. Suppen toppes med gresskarfrø og krutonger.
Bistro Budapest: Originale mini langos med ost, rømme, hvitløksolje og rødløk.
Via Italia: Hjemmelaged penne bolognese med økologisk parmesan.
PARADIS Gelateria: Valgfri kule med ekte italiensk iskrem.
Vis bestillingsbekreftelsen din i baren på Torget, og motta ditt Tasting Tour kart og matkort (i gavekort-form).
Du starter Tasting Touren når du selv ønsker – innenfor tidsrommet 17.00-20.00. Du kan bestemme rekkefølgen på de forskjellige stedene selv, er det kø et sted kan du starte med et annet. Turen må være fullført innen kl. 20.00!
Ta med vennegjengen og kos dere med en litt annerledes matopplevelse!


Munnfull, Bistro Budapest, Via Italia and PARADIS Gelateria presents: The Tasting Tour – Birthday Edition!

Mathallen is turning 7, so we have set up a tasting tour with birthday flavours. Yey!

Each place will serve a tasty snack-sized appetizer*, and you can move from one place to the next – tasting your way through Mathallen.

The menu:

Munnfull: Pumpkin soup with pumpkin from local farmers, topped with pumpkin seeds and croutons

Bistro Budapest: Original mini langos with cheese, sour cream, garlic oil and red onion

Via Italia: Homemade penne bolognese with parmesan

PARADIS Gelateria: Your favorite scoop of Italian ice cream

Show your ticket in the bar at Torget to get the Tasting Tour map with meal voucher (a.k.a Mathallen’s giftcard).

You start the Tasting Tour at the given time on your ticket, you decide if you want to race through the tour in 15 minutes (for the very hungry) or if you want to spend the full three hours taking your time and easing into the atmosphere at each place. The tour must be completed before 20:00.

Bring your friends and get ready for tasty snack attack!

*Drinks are not included. Tickets are limited and must be purchased 12 hours before the tour!

Buy tickets here


1.Pick a place to start your Tasting Tour. You can choose from our four venues as featured on the map. There is no set route, you decide the order of your visits, but it might be a good idea to…

2 …check out the line before you decide. If it’s really long and there aren’t any free tables, maybe you can eat at one of the other venues first.

3. Grab a seat or hang out by the bar The venues vary in size and how many seats they can reserve for tour-ists. Look for the tables reserved “The Tasting Tour”. If the smaller venues are crowded, you can bring your snack and sit at the tables at Torget. Please keep in mind that we all have separate drinking licenses, so you can’t bring drinks from one place to another.

4. Show this flyer to the staff to get your snack. Remember that we are serving a great number of tour-ists today and we always aim to serve food as fresh as possible. A little waiting time is in other words a sign of quality. Use the time to compliment your friend or talk to the people on the next table or post awesome food pics on Instagram.

5. Get your «stamp». Please «pay» with your giftcard when you arrive each place, they will then give you a stamp and serve your food.

6. Enjoy spending quality time with quality people eating quality food & drinking quality beverages in quality places

7. Repeat x 3

8. Like what you eat? Sharing is caring, and we’ll be really grateful for all the SoMe-love we can get. Like us at facebook, follow us at Instagram, join our newsletter, tag your pics with #mathallen #thetastingtour, check in etc.

Dette er et tidligere arrangement
17:00 - 20:00
Mathallen Oslo
270,- per pers
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