Månedens matblogger: North Wild Kitchen

Hver måned setter Mathallen fokus på en matblogg som vi synes er spennende, god og inspirerende.  Månedens matblogger blir da både hovedgjest og skribent på vår hjemmeside, og vil dele erfaringer, opplevelser og tips fra Mathallen hver uke i den aktuelle måneden. 

Bli bedre kjent med månedens matblogger – North Wild Kitchen

Nevada Berg ble født i Salt Lake City, Utah USA. Etter å ha bodd i forskjellige byer som London, Maputo og Roma, tok livets reise Nevada og hennes norske mann og deres sønn til Numedal – eller «Norges navle» som hun kaller det. Saveur magazine ga bloggen hennes, North Wild Kitchen, den prestisjefulle prisen «Blog of the Year 2016» og «Editor’s Choice Best New Voice». Hennes første kokebok blir publisert høsten 2018 i åtte land, på både engelsk, norsk og tysk. Nevada beskriver seg selv som en historieforteller av det tradisjonelle og moderne norske kjøkken, med utgangspunkt i lokale produkter og tradisjoner som har blitt videreført gjennom generasjoner.

Hvor lenge har du vært blogger?
I started North Wild Kitchen when I moved to Norway about 2 ½ years ago.

Hvor mange blogginnlegg publiserer du gjennomsnittlig i måneden?
I used to try to put out a blog post once a week but have since slowed down as I have been occupied working on my cookbook and a few other projects this past year. Now, I am sharing about 2 to 3 posts per month with one of them focusing on a story. For me, it’s important not only to share my journey discovering Norwegian cuisine, but also to learn and convey the stories behind the food we eat. So, I spend a lot of time documenting these stories, which might be of a local producer, an event focused around food, or people maintaining traditional methods of cooking.

Hva vil du med bloggen din?
My focus is to shed light on the Norwegian food culture by sharing stories, recipes, and the history behind the food. I highlight traditional dishes and also use Norwegian ingredients in more innovative ways. Rather than just looking outside of Norway for inspiration, I hope more Norwegians can become more aware of and excited about the ingredients, products, and dishes that exist right here in our own backyards. There are so many talented Norwegians making fantastic dishes and products based on local ingredients and their stories are paramount in sharing this exciting food culture with a greater audience. Hopefully, I can contribute in putting traditional Norwegian cuisine, or husmannskost, on the agenda internationally, which can complement the more technically advanced “Nordic cuisine”. Perhaps it will even inspire people to visit Norway, join in food experiences and courses, and even start cooking at home with Norwegian dishes in mind.

Hva handlet ditt mest populære blogginnlegg om?
To date, the most popular recipe on the blog is for knekkebrød, followed by bløtkake. Yet, the highest interest on social media is lefse. I have two short videos of local producers making kling and both have had over 1 million views. Lefse is something that really strikes a chord with people, whether it’s nostalgia or a familiarity to their own country’s type of flat bread.

Hva er din favorittrett som du lager selv, og hvorfor?
I really love making food from scratch; from curing meats like fenalår and pinnekjøtt to making cheeses, jams, and baked goods. I especially enjoy making homemade lompe and grilling it over the fire, so it becomes a little crispier. I fill it with whatever meats are on hand (could be lamb I roasted the day before or guitar string chicken cooked over the fire). I top it with a slaw of seasonal vegetables, wild berries, and fresh sour cream.

For me, food is a very important part of the social fabric of life; in the preparation, the cooking, and the eating. So, any meal that is hands-on and invites the children to participate, and perhaps where we can sit or stand around the bonfire is always welcome.

Hva er din favorittråvare, og hvorfor?
I really enjoy using ingredients from the wild. Some of my favorites include nettles (brennesle), spruce tips (granskudd), wild garlic (ramsløk), chantarelles (kantareller), and all the wild berries, especially cloudberries (multebær). Not to mention the high-quality wild fish and meats one can get access to. Fishing on Hardangervidda or in nearby lakes is always a joyful experience, especially when the meal is prepared then and there after a successful catch. There are so many exciting flavors offered in nature and it’s fun to use them in all sorts of creative ways.

Hva er din favorittrestaurant, og hvorfor?
As we live relatively rural, we don’t go out to eat as often as we might like. But some of my favorite restaurants are the more traditional and simple family-run eateries. When we lived in Rome, we always visited our local trattoria in Garbatella that was famous for its white ragu and cacio e pepe. Eating there felt like being in the home of the family running it. It was loud and incredibly casual with a small menu featuring what was available for that day.

I love trying new dishes and am really excited at all the talent that’s popping up across Norway. Not to mention Noma, Fæviken, Maemo and the other restaurants that have been paramount in bringing Nordic and Norwegian food on the global food map. With so many food options, I need to start eating my way through more restaurants!

Kan du nevne en av dine beste historier tilknyttet til bloggen?
I love hearing from readers that a dish or story has touched them in some way. That they feel reconnected to their Norwegian heritage and inspired to explore the cuisine more. Recently, I was contacted by an art student who wanted to make a painting based on my blackcurrant sweet buns (solbær snurrer) for a university project about world desserts. Based on this project, she was accepted into her BFA university program. It’s so amazing when your work touches and inspires people in different ways. It is what keeps me going!

Lyst til å bli bedre kjent med Nevada og hennes matunivers? Besøk North Wild Kitchen, og følg med på vår hjemmeside de neste ukene for flere spennende innspill fra Nevada!